User Manual


A VisComp is short for Visual Composition. It works similarly to Unity’s GameObject.

VisComps are the main building block of our 3D scenes: a scene always contains at least one at its root.

A VisComp can hold other VisComps as its children, which can themselves also hold child VisComps etc. It’s turtles all the way down!

The VisComp that we open is the root.

Root VisComp

Each VisComp has some parameters that are common to all VisComps, such as lights, ctrl, and effect.

Only the root VisComp will have these parameters apply to the 3D scene.

Other VisComps

A VisComp can do many things: some simply serve as containers for other VisComps, whilst some may create an animated particle system, a sequence of objects, display a 3D model…

A VisComp’s parameters are reactive, meaning that changing one of the parameters through the UI should automatically update the VisComp (assuming it’s been coded properly).