Collaborative Platform for the Future Web

2D to 3D

Research published by McKinsey in 2020 revealed that the current global pandemic has accelerated the adoption of virtual and 3D technologies. Big tech’s increasing investment and PR about XR, Metaverse (e.g. new Meta London HQ, 2022) is shifting the market interest towards immersive, future-proof solutions. Generally digital media is moving away from static 2D content to more immersive 3D experiences to satisfy viewers’ expectations. Big brands, like Nike, EY, EE are already leading the adoption.

3D & Web

XR Club is an app platform, CMS and marketplace dedicated to web-based 3D and immersive experiences (WebGL, WebXR). It brings efficient editing and low-cost development to 3D design.

Existing web platforms, like WordPress can’t support 3D/XR projects (including WebGL) because they are based on fundamentally different technology. Interactive 3D graphics are developed primarily for gaming. Our goal is to merge it with dynamic web-technologies to allow content heavy, editable 3D website, web AR apps to harness the advantages. XR Club is the first platform that truly integrates 3D into the web ecosystem.

XR Club

We are developing ‘XR Club’ (XRC) a platform for creating online 3D/XR content, with a WordPress-like, easy-to-edit CMS, reusable templating, and marketplace. The aim is to make web-based 3D as accessible and cost-efficient as standard HTML websites.

To achieve a WordPress-like integrated platform for 3D web is challenging. 3D development is fundamentally different from web development. Interactive 3D originally developed for gaming and engineering and not for the web. Our ground-breaking innovation is to merge the 2 paradigms. This is a previously unsolved, technologically challenging endeavour that we are able to conduct as a result of its past two years of self-funded base research.

XRC consists of four tiers: 1. Cloud and app framework, 2. CMS and templating, 3. Marketplace, 4. Community & Konwoledbase. These three layers are building on each other’s services and integrated into a single platform.


TRL (Technology Readiness Level) is currently TRL 5, a prototype. The team has successfully tested it via a number of commercial projects. We are in the process applying to Innovate UK for their Smart Grant. With this grant we aim to further develop ‘XRC’ and turn it to TRL 8, “First Of The Kind Commercial System” and start to market it. To reach TRL 8, We need to build a scalable, user-centric platform that satisfies the higher commercial requirements: number of users, security, user friendly UI/UX, commercial performance.