User Manual


Welcome! Heres a brief overview of what the Content Management System (CMS) is about.

We aim to simplify the process of creating 3D Web experiences by providing a set of tools that let developers, designers, modelers and other creatives work together. The CMS lets users create, view, and edit 3D assets such as 3D models, textures, shaders, and even full compositions…You can search for assets, as well as clone and/or edit existing ones.The CMS lets you open assets in various web-apps, which are used for viewing the assets, editing their basic parameters, or doing more advanced editing ( code, type definitions ) and profiling.

The CMS has two main pages:

Browsing page

The CMS browse page

A page for browsing assets from you and other users, with various ways to refine your search and organise your assets

Asset page

A page that shows the details for a specific asset: some basic one such as the asset’s thumbnail, name, owner… and asset specific ones, like the radius of a sphere, or the color of a light

The various web-apps can be opened from an asset’s thumbnail in either the browse page or the edit page.


The CMS has a page for browsing and another for viewing assets. View, edit and advanced edit web apps can be opened from an asset’s thumbnail for a variety of assets.

To do

Login to the system, try navigating around with the various menus, have a look at various document pages, and try to open some assets in the view or edit apps.